Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bad Weather and Good Holidays

I love my rain boots. They're such a fun, bright reason to not mind walking around in the rain all day. If they're on my feet, then they're the focal point of the outfit for pretty obvious reasons.
I styled the boots against neutrals: black tights, denim dress, and a gray sweater vest. The pink belt matched the pink in the boots, helping the outfit to not seem too gloomy from the knees up.
Boots: Gifted, Mom and Dad, Morning Glory, Greensburg
Dress: Old Navy
Vest: Gabe's
Belt: Target
Additionally, it's Halloween weekend! This year, with the snow and the uncertainty until the day before that I would even be celebrating, I chose a costume that was both on my list of favorite characters and pretty low-key to assemble. Canadians may be unfamiliar, but I went as Daria and wore clothes from my wardrobe and a pair of those $1 glasses with the fake nose and eyebrows (I pulled off the nose and eyebrows). Simple! Fun! Warm! I'm posed below with my friend and sometimes blog photographer Will, who is dressed as Leopold Bloom.
Happy Halloween! xoxo Anna Rae


  1. Anonymous10/31/2011

    love the costume.... i know how much you love Daria!!
    and the rain boots always make an outfit super fun and cute :)


  2. Love the Daria costume, Anna. And the before-that outfit, too. Also, Will is a great Leopold Bloom! Way to go, you two. xo

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