Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy Being Green

Sweater dresses are awesome. You can wear them with tights and flats or leggings and boots and be as comfortable and warm as if you were wearing a bathrobe. The key is to avoid scratchy wool or cheap acrylics in favour of cashmere and merino wools.
While adding a cinch belt to this dress didn't up the comfort factor, it did help play up the graphic black and green stripes, the reason why I didn't add anything to the colour palate. My favourite feature of this dress (other than the colour, stripes, and soft cashmere) is the three-quarter length blouson sleeves. They are easy to type in, a cinch to pair bracelets with, and forgiving on long arms because they look intentionally rather than misfortionally too short. (I know that is not a word)
Dress: Juicy Couture, Ebay
Tights: Hue, The Bay
Belt: Mexx
Necklace: Le Chateau


  1. Yes! Cashmere and merino wool. You look adorable.

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