Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Roundup: Of Erin, By Anna

A surprise to even Erin, I decided to go through the 2011 archives and find my top 5 favorite outfits that Erin wore over the past year.
What I love about this outfit, is how much I covet each piece of it -- I can't choose what's my favorite, but it might be the shoes. Each piece works perfectly into Erin's strong sense of style, and here I'm most impressed with how she balances the feminine dress -- ruffles! pink! -- with the playfully schoolboy oxfords.
This outfit has some inherent bias because I took the pictures and bought a matching cardigan from Joe Fresh. I'm impressed by Erin's ability to construct professional outfits with simple pieces and fun, slightly quirky accessories. Teal and yellow? An inspired color combo.
I could have chosen all of Erin's novelty prints for this top five, but I managed to choose just two. I think this is my favorite outfit of the year. Instead of pulling back after pairing the twee top with the bubblegum pink skirt, Erin heightened the color palette with the teal necklace and shoes. An amazing result.
If there's something Erin has mastered its the animal print, so I obvious had to include one in my picks. This dress has made a few appearances on the blog, but this is my favorite outfit because of the amazing tights and the additional textual interest with the suede shoes. Erin's outfits always look so pulled together; she matches texture with texture and her necklace to her shoes.
Erin may love an animal print, but I am madly in love with this novelty animal print. The outfit doesn't just showcase the piece, though, it uses it to create a look that's both completely modern and strongly inspired by vintage. I can't get over how sassy that skirt is.

Erin, I love seeing your outfits, and can't wait to see what you'll wear in 2012. xoxo Anna Rae


  1. Anonymous12/30/2011

    All great outfits! Look forward to seeing what 2012 brings!!


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  3. Jonathan3/27/2014

    You are beautiful! That is all.